The New Paradigm in Renal Patient Care

The New Paradigm in Renal Patient Care

We partner with hospitals to provide dialysis center management expertise and patient- focused operations. The end in view is to be able to provide patients with high quality and affordable dialysis and for the hospitals, an efficient run, worry-free and profitable hemodialysis unit

Partnering with Nephro Synergies will give you unmatched worry-free opportunities in the dialysis industry.  Our pioneering expertise and business savvy coupled with our commitment to quality and putting patients first before profits is an unbeatable mix! Our strategy for accomplishing our goal of service and profitability is in the relationship we form with our partners. We take care of all day-to-day business operations so that the hospital and doctors can devote their full attention to patient care. Partnering with Nephro Synergies allows hospitals the perks of ownership without the headaches of day-to-day operations.


When we enter into a partnership, we specialize in taking all the hassle out of the operations of a dialysis unit. Basically, what our partner provides is the space

  • They incur no capital expenditure,
  • No operations headache,
  • No need to talk to many suppliers,
  • No need to take care of employees,
  • No need to make sure the machines are properly maintained


We provide all machines, all medical supplies and technical maintenance
We handle every aspect of staffing and management, and our skilled professionals are trained to give patients excellent care
Additionally, we provide cost efficiencies in securing equipment, technology, supplies, employee benefits and administrative services
We are experts in back-office operations, including billing and collections functions


NephroSynergies also provides consultancy services for accreditation with government agencies as well as any aspect of the setting up and operations of a dialysis center. We have highly trained staff for existing dialysis operations that can be optimized

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