“Nephro Group is committed to improving kidney care and the quality of life of every patient.”

What We Offer Our Patients

Quality and Service

At Nephro Group, we are committed to improving kidney care and the quality of life of each patient. Our commitment to quality care begins with our highly skilled and compassionate team of licensed dialysis nurses, dieticians, and technicians headed by Board Certified Nephrologists and in-house physicians. We value patient-centered interaction to deliver an exceptional caring experience to our patients to help them understand more about kidney disease, dialysis, nutrition, and treatment so they can make the best choices.

If you want a team that is focused on looking after your emotional and physical health, NEPHRO GROUP is right for you! Together, we will navigate your way through your journey with kidney disease.

Why Nephro Group

  • First to use All-Bicarbonate Dialysis
  • In-house Dietician 
  • Quality patient care 
  • U.S. standard protocols
  • Full time attending Physician
  • Licensed and Trained Dialysis Nurses 
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Uses Fresenius Dialysis Machines 
  • Single-use bloodlines
  • U.S.-FDA Approved medical supplies including  US made disposable supplies
  • Standard Laboratory Monthly Panel
  • High Efficiency & High Flux dialyzer
  • Slimline bloodlines (for better clearance)
  • Medical Grade Water treatment with Reverse Osmosis
  • The Safest dialyzer re-use, using Citric Acid and heat sterilization.
  • The only dialysis center outsourcing provider that is vertically integrated
  • Single use dialyzer available (optional)
  • Fully maintained equipment, complete with documentations that adheres to AAMI & NANT guidelines
  • With Back-up generator
  • The first and only Dialysis Center to use Citra Pure Acid Concentrate
  • Affordable dialysis treatment
  • Nationwide facilities

Comfort and Convenience

  • Fully airconditioned
  • Individual T.V.
  • Free Wifi access
  • Comfortable dialysis chairs
  • Wheel chair access/ramp
  • Pre & Post dialysis transportation arrangement
  • Ambulance Service

Accessibility and Affordability

  • Cost-effective
  • No Co-pay on 3rd treatment during the week (for 3x a week patients)
  • Affordable
  • Network of facilities located nationwide